Helio Alves / It's Clear

Reservoir RSR CD 196

Sweeping The Chimney 6:09 Romero Lubambo
Duality 6:15 Helio Alves
Doce de Coco 4:21 Jacob do Bandolim - Hermínio Bello de Carvalho
Helium 5:56 Helio Alves
Intro 0:54 Helio Alves
It's Clear 7:35 Helio Alves
Ta Boa, Santa 6:36 Egbert Gismonti
Falando de Amor 4:43 Tom Jobim
Coisa Nº10 5:51 Moacir Santos
The Dolphin 5:56 Luiz Eça

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