The Kenny Burrell Octet / Lotsa Bossa Nova

KAPP KL-1326

A String of Pearls 2:55 Delange - Gray
Close Your Eyes 2:38 Bernice Petkere
The Song of Delilah 3:22 Livingston - Evans - Young
On Green Dolphin Street 3:10 Kaper - Washington
The Sweetest Sounds 3:00 Richard Rodgers
One Mint Julep 3:02 Rudolph Toombs
The Lamp is Low 2:31 Ravel - DeRose - Shefter - Parrish
Tin Tin Deo 3:23 Fuller - Pozo
If I Should Lose You 2:34 Robin - Rainger
Invitation 2:04 Bronislau Kaper
Two Different Worlds 2:44 Wayne - Frisch
Star Eyes 2:55 Raye - DePaul

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