Pat Thomas / Desafinado

MGM SE 4103

Carnival (Manh? de Carnaval) 2:50 Luiz Bonf? - Peretti - Creatore - Weiss
Desafinado (Slightly Out of Tune) 2:34 Tom Jobim - Newton Mendon?a - Cavanaugh - Hendricks
Baia 2:58 Ary Barroso - Gilbert
One Note Samba 1:50 Tom Jobim - Newton Mendon?a - Hendricks
C'est si Bon 1:48 Seelen - Honez - Betti
Recado Bossa Nova 2:18 Djalma Ferreira
Could be 2:13 McFarland - Guryan
I Wish You Love 2:21 Beach - Trenet
Samba de Orfeu 2:10 Luiz Bonf?
Once Again 3:11 Tom Jobim
Soft Nights (E Luxo So) 2:43 Ary Barroso - Vaughn
To Welcome The Day 2:28 Coleman - Guryan

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i love this record, and Pat Thomas is wonderful. I have only one cd of hers, and its from Japan. I have to find this on cd, if it exists.

Posted by: david thomas johnson : 2010年08月01日 02:30