Michel Legrand & Pedro Paulo Castro Neves

KARDUM 3004 097

A Felicidade 4:06 Tom Jobim - Vinicios de Moraes
How do You Keep The Music Playing 3:40 Michel Legrand - ALan & Marylin Bergman
Morrer de Amor 3:50 Oscar Castro Neves - Luvercy Fiorini
Amour Amour 2:39 Michel Legrand - Jacques Demy
Canto de Ossanha / Berimbau 3:43 Baden Powell - Vinicius de Moraes
His Eyes, Her Eyes 3:59 Michel Legrand - ALan & Marylin Bergman
Passos e Assovios 3:33 Guinga - Paulo Cesar Pinheiro
The Way She Makes me Feel 4:12 Michel Legrand - ALan & Marylin Bergman
Auto Retrato 3:48 Egberto Gismonti - Geraldo Carneiro

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