Terra Trio / Terra a Vista


N?ga Manhosa 2:18 Herivelto Martins
A Sobrinha da Judite 2:20 J. McHugh - D. Fields
Recado 4:10 Paulinho da Viola - Casquinha
Ave Maria 3:05 Caetano Veloso
Duvi-d-o-d? 2:20 Benedito Lacerda - Jo?o Barcellos
Passa Passa Gavi?o 2:46 Sidney Miller
Z? da Tuba 2:04 H. Hupfeld
Era de Madrugada 2:33 Paquito - Romeu Gentil - Boexi
Deus Vos Salve Esta Casa Santa 2:54 Caetano Veloso - Torquato Neto
Odeon 3:09 Ernesto Nazareth
Faustina 1:56 Gad?
Pra Que Mentir 2:59 Vadico - Noel Rosa

投稿者 t_ito : 2003年12月30日 19:54

excellent vocal bossa trio in the same style like Tamba Trio and Os Cariocas. but with maybe a bit more relaxed style but with same kind of carioca styled vocals, layers of vocals and with a tight combo grooving the session to the fullest!!

fun is they dont play usual "standards" but other own-produced and different nice bossa jazzy groovers. just in my taste.

muito legal!

Posted by: johan : 2004年11月20日 10:34